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Ho, varlets, bring Sir Robin food! Such insolence must support a healthy appetite!

The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) Errol Flynn playing Errol Flynn, bedecked in a pair of decidedly twentieth century green tights. Period authenticity is the last thing on Michael Curtiz’ mind, and for the most part this swashbuckling tale is breezy fun, if rather lacking in narrative urgency between your classic moments of Hood lore.  The highlight is probably the early encounter between Robin and Prince John, played with charming loucheness by Claude Rains, as the outlaw shows up at John’s castle with a deer wrapped round his shoulders and proceeds to act as if he owns the place – much to John’s amusement.  Debonair and irrepressible as Flynn is, it’s Rains’s show whenever he’s on screen, commanding with the attention through apparent indifference.  He’s ably supported by Basil Rathbone’s thoroughly hissable Guy of Gisborne; Rathbone’s a good sport, graciously allowing Flynn to take the piss in scene after scene. As the

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Featuring: Ocean's 11 Ocean's 12 Ocean's 13 Oh, Mr Porter! One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Ocean's 11 (2001) Steven Soderbergh said his heart wasn't in this, but he pulls out all the stops to make it fly visually and kinetically, helped no little by David Holmes score. Accusations that it's smug and self-conscious are fair, but this is a breezy stylishly made entertainment. Only Julia Roberts seems at sea. ***1/2 Ocean's 12 (2004) Most maligned, but the best of the bunch. Soderbergh gets to do a caper, rather than a heist, and it looks like he's having fun. Filled with freeze-frames, flashbacks and dazzling David Holmes music choices, it sneaks by as a Hollywood movie, when it's really an experiment with form.  As for the Julia Roberts twist, I found it hilariously bare-faced cheek. Eddie Izzard makes a great addition to the cast, and Catherine Zeta-Jones is lucky to work with Soderb