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Have you betrayed us? Have you betrayed me?!

Blake's 7 4.13: Blake

The best you can hope for the end of a series is that it leaves you wanting more. Blake certainly does that, so much so that I lapped up Tony Attwood’s Afterlife when it came out. I recall his speculation over who survived and who didn’t in his Programme Guide (curious that he thought Tarrant was unlikely to make it and then had him turn up in his continuation). Blakefollows the template of previous season finales, piling incident upon incident until it reaches a crescendo.

If I'm going to make a fake movie, it's going to be a fake hit.

We need to remember where we met. It’s been nagging at me.

Things will go on, and then one day it will all be over.

She never gets old! Marcee can't be real; she never gets old!