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Choose life. Choose Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and hope that someone, somewhere cares.

23 to See in 2017 I’ve yet to see various of my suggested 2016 titles , what with being generally recalcitrant and several having not yet come my way ( Hacksaw Ridge , Silence , War on Everyone , The Neon Demon , Patterson , Passengers ), one being now set for 2017 ( A Cure for Wellness , which as a consequence won’t feature in the following list, but it does look promising) and one being so universally slated that I feel reluctant to admit I even picked it out of my nominal hat ( Nine Lives , in recognition that once, in the mists of time, Barry Sonnenfeld made a couple of decent movies; I shall endeavour to include a at least one movie in the following run down that is also likely to be roundly lambasted). Of the rest, only Batman v Superman falls into the category of outright disappointment (albeit, there wasn’t a huge amount of belief there in the first place; it simply had to be seen), while a few more ( Star Trek Beyond , A Hologram for the King , Rogue One , Suicide